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Stay Connected with
Your Customers


Tegsoft's powerful chat operations keep you
connected with your customers from anywhere.
Integrated with popular platforms like WhatsApp,
Facebook Messenger, Webchat, and Instagram DM,
Tegsoft makes it easy to manage all your customer
communications from a single place.

Enhance customer satisfaction and optimize
your business processes with intelligent routing,
instant notifications, and detailed reporting features.                                                           










Instant Communication
with WhatsApp

Tegsoft's WhatsApp integration allows you to communicate
with your customers instantly and directly. Take advantage
of WhatsApp's large user base and high reach to quickly
respond to your customers' inquiries and provide immediate
solutions to their needs.

With robust integration features, you can track all messages
on a centralized platform and make your management
processes more efficient.






Build Strong Connections
with Facebook Messenger

 Facebook Messenger is a platform used by
millions of people worldwide. With Tegsoft's
Facebook Messenger integration, you can
communicate directly with your customers
through this popular channel.

Enhance your customer interactions with automated
message replies, personalized chats, and instant notifications.
Centralize all messages in one system to reduce your workload
and increase customer satisfaction.





Provide Instant Assistance
to Your Visitors

Tegsoft's Webchat integration allows you to communicate
instantly with users visiting your website.

Your visitors can easily ask questions and receive immediate
responses. Increase customer satisfaction and boost conversion
rates with live chat support. Webchat, with its user-friendly
interface and advanced features, encourages your customers
to spend more time on your site.







Get Closer to Your Customers
with Instagram DM

With Tegsoft's Instagram DM integration, connect directly
with your customers through this platform.

Maximize your customer interactions with instant message
notifications, automated replies, and personalized messaging
features. Manage all Instagram messages on a single platform
to save time and effort.






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