Customer  engagement within
a single  platform

Tegsoft is a global leader in cloud software and an all-in-one communication 
platform that can provide the best customer experience.  Our aim is to make YOU happy,
and we do this by providing you with the BEST communication platform there is.



What can we give YOU?


Omnichannel Customer Journey
Omnichannel Customer Journey

We cover all your communication needs through voice, webchat, email, messaging apps, and social media channels.

Integration Amenities
Integration Amenities

We know the power of data. Therefore, we can provide you a wide range open APIs for any 3rd party software integrations.

Passion for Innovation
Passion for Innovation

We are a passionate team who innovate relentlessly and are very proud to do it together with our customers.


Who is Tegsoft? 

Tegsoft was established in 2008, born in Turkey, Tegsoft has grown exponentially to 15 different countries, most recently South Africa, we are continually searching for ways of connecting businesses with customers in the consumer-friendly manner possible.

We believe that; accurately and methodically designed software is the key to an efficient, orderly contact center. A systematically functioning contact center is a vital source of income for an organization and symbolises its reputation. SIGN UP AND START NOW

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It is better to see something once than to hear about it a thousand times.

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We happily offer and present to you the Tegsoft platform! We can provide you with either a free on-premise demo or a 30-day money payback guaranteed demo on Cloud together with our partners.