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Tegsoft Web Call module will start working with TegsoftCC_WebCall license upgrade. There are 3 steps for setup processes of module.

Firewall SettingsTo Top

This means that there will be external access to the server that get web call. For this reason, it is critical to make all security settings carefully.

  • The “5092, 10000:20000″ value should be entered for the allowed ports in the firewall.
  • If the server does not service from an real IP address, the real IP address should be entered to “Nat extip” in network tab and “Nat enabled” should be selected.
  • The real IP address that will service should be notified to Tegsoft for licence definition.

Using Web Call With Company PBX and/or Contact CenterTo Top

Follow these steps to prevent calls from internet to call with local subscriber authorities.

  • Complex passwords should be used for all extensions.
  • The dynamic value that is defined on “IP” field in “Advanced” tab from “Extensions” must be change with IP address/netmask. For example:
  • Sip port value in “Network” tab from “Server Settings” should be entered as “5092, 5060”.

Usage For Only Web CallTo Top

  • Delete all extensions from the system.
  • Enter “5092” for Sip Port value from “Network” tab in “Server Settings”.

Definitions On TegsoftTo Top

Web should be defined as trunk to get call from web.

  • You can create trunk as explained below from Trunks in PBX Management.
    • Name: WebCall (It can be any definer name)
    • IP: dynamic
    • From user: webcall
    • Username: webcall
    • Password: webcall123
    • Allowed codecs: g729
    • Port: 5092
  • You can route the inbound call to wanted destination from Inbound Calls in PBX Management.
    • Route name: It can be any name that defined the inbound call from the web.
    • Trunk: Select the trunk defined in the previous step.
    • Destination type: Set the destination that will be routed (IVR, extension, skill etc).

Operations To Be Performed On Institutions WebsiteTo Top

  • Web call is a Java applet, so it would be more useful to open it on the website by clicking a button or link instead of the institution’s home page.
  • You should design the button mentioned above with visuals of the website of the institution.
  • Iframe should be added to website to perform web call.
  • When the button is clicked, iframe source should route it to http://WEBCALL_ADDRESS/Tobe/app/ApplicationServlet?login=cc_webcall&
    • The address that replaces WEBCALL_ADDRESS is given by Tegsoft. Defined DNS record will be given in exchange for the IP address that is notified to Tegsoft.
    • If it is wanted, addition parameters can be used like http://WEBCALL_ADDRESS/Tobe/app/ApplicationServlet?login=cc_webcall&DID=8003&CALL=true&
    • DID: Number that will be called
    • CALL: As soon as it is clicked, true must sent as parameter to call. Since the default value is false, the contact is waited to click the call button.
    • LOCALE: Parameters such as LOCALE = en, LOCALE = fr can be used to send messages in different languages.
    • EXTEN: If you want to use alternative user code instead of the Webcall user code, this is required parameter.
    • SECRET: If you want to use an alternative password instead of webcall123, this is the required parameter.
    • webphoneHOST: If more than one site or one site and more than one Tegsoft PBX works, it is required.

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