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Upgrading Centos 5 to Centos 7To Top

If you want the update the system version Centos 5 – 7, you have to create a new system from scratch.
There are some steps to do that,
Please follow the steps as we explain below


Creating a New Centos 7 InstanceTo Top

Please review this Tegsoft Installation Document.
This will help you create a new system with centos 7


Licence Transferring From The Centos 7To Top

Please send us your old mac address and unituid and new mac address with your new unituid to our sales team. Therefore, we will change the parameters and your new system will continue with an existing license.


Updating SystemsTo Top

Before moving the data, Please update both systems with the Tegsoft Updating procedure mail. If you haven’t that mail, please inform us.
Both systems must have the same tegsoft version.


Data Transfer Between Centos 5 - Centos 7To Top

Please review this document.This will help you move the data from your old Centos 5 system to a new one.

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