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  • WEBCHAT - the agent can choose and return through open sessions. The agent who takes the correspondence with Skip to IDLE position can return via the waiting session at the bottom left of the screen.
  • WEBCHAT - createwebchateSession Improvement for Text router rules to take effect when SKILLID parameter is not given.
  • REPORT- Displaying the Service Received in Webchat Reports
  • WEBCHAT- Call Queue Prioritization
  • UI - Contact Records - Contact history revision. The contact history of the person is now listed chronologically from the relevant field. Visual arrangements are also provided. Filtering can also be done based on date.
  • WebRTC - framework infrastructure update and new asterisk version (asterisk 16.15).
  • CONFIG - Disabling of CDR report records on servers. ( CCManagement> Parameters> CDRImporter.disabled)
  • CONFIG - Selecting the tab to be opened automatically when the call is received. (For external connections; CC Management> Parameters> ctipopup.selectedTabIndex should be 1.)
  • AUTHENTICATION - Agent login restriction between certain hours. The time condition has been added to the user management field. It just checks the login instantly.
  • REPORT - formula change regarding agent efficiency percentage calculation Not ready at work duration added to EFFICIENCY calculation.
  • CONFIG - CRM and Status Panel editing for agents who are not authorized to "See Phone Number"
  • CAMPAIGN - Campaign schedule improvement. Added Applications> Campaign manager (voice)> Agent Campaign> Contact call order and Scheduled contact call order options. In both options, the call order can be determined as desired.
  • CAMPAIGN- Limitation for a Certain Number of agents. Added Applications> Campaign manager (voice)> Agent Campaign> Maximum number of agents receive calls. This number is ignored for calls scheduled by the agent.
  • WEBCHAT - A web service that gives the list of users in the queue and shows which of them are waiting in the queue, which agent is in contact which agent is assigned and waiting. It can be accessed with JSON parameters added to the getWebchatActiveSessionList service.
  • CONFIG - HOLD cannot be activated before 10 seconds pass in Outbound Call
  • REPORT - Filter Options in Reports by Tabs change
  • agentCallWithVariables service added
  • Verint integration
FixedTo Top


  • REPLICATION - eliminating server problems in extension and call queues in a replicated system
  • Webchat ringtone now played from selected ring device
  • WEBCHAT - The problem has been fixed without going to the selected queue.
  • WEBCHAT - Removing "---" option from the Subject selection
  • No Ringtone for Internal Calls in Asterisk 16.15
  • When an Outbound call is started with agentCallWithVariables, the UNIQUEUEID value is correct in the CTI parameter
  • Agent Activity Report> Project filter
  • A problem caused by a 1-minute difference in shift hours
  • Queue break limitation issue
  • Inbound call popup to an agent in "After Call Work" status in campaign calls.
  • Credit card transfer problem in calls initiated with originateWithVariables.
  • Queue report count error in the system where new callback development is activated
  • Adding MT Activity Call Queue Filter
  • Waiting Time Problem in Overflowing Calls
  • VoiceRecording - Audio Recording Error in Attended Transfer
  • The problem of saving webchat predefined messages
  • Duration Filter in an agent activity
  • General edits in Webchat reports
  • CDR agent name problem in Asterisk 16.2 calls made on other phone type
  • Exit with timeout cdr records should not have a call time and agent name.
  • Calls that are scheduled twice in campaign calls appear repeatedly in the report
  • Contact registration error with DestinationRouter
  • Webchat Alarms Not Working
  • Turning off Google index for Tegsoft webchat links and other applications
  • Removing the requirement to enter an activity for Abandon and reject calls
  • Starting a Chat without Selecting Webchat Queue
  • Call in after login status
  • Filling the CTI Parameters with the last campaign parameters when manually dialing out
  • LOCALIZATION - Completing Missing Localizations
  • Performance optimization for systems with a high number of calls



New FeatureTo Top
  • WebRTC can now be used with the latest version of Mozilla Firefox.
  • CONFIG - Survey Development for Outbound Module: Campaign management (Sound)> Survey IVR option has been added. Accordingly, if this field is defined, the agent in the campaign call should get approval for the survey and check the survey checkbox on the screen. If this is checked, the customer will be directed to the selected IVR as soon as the representative closes the call.
  • CONFIG - Sending unanswered e-mails separately for each extension in the Ring Group: PBX management> Groups> Ring Groups> Unreachable member alarm and ALARM506 definition added. It sends a mail to the target in the alarm definition for each extension that cannot be reached in the hunt definition.
  •  REPORT - Adding custom customer columns to the excel output of the campaign call results report.
  •  REPORT - Adding activity information to CDR excel report
  •  REPORT - The ability of the top group-group-Activity type filters in the contact activities report to give independent results.
  •  CONFIG - Parametricity of HOLD warning time: Default is 30 seconds. It can be changed with CC management> Parameters> agent.holdNotificationSoundDuration.
  • REPORT- Arrangement for the names queue and agent group filters in reports: The name format in the filters in the reports is arranged as number-name.
  • CONFIG -  Parametricity of HOLD alert: CCManagement> Parameters> agent.holdNotificationSoundUrl is defined .holdBeep.mp3 is the default value.To change /opt/jboss/server/default/deploy/Tobe.war/image, a new sound file should be added under this directory and the name should be changed. (NewHoldBeep.mp3 etc.)

  • WEBCHAT - Parametricity of webchat ringing:  CCManagement> Parameters> agent.webchatNotificationSoundUrl is defined.  To change /opt/jboss/server/default/deploy/Tobe.war/image, a new sound file should be added under this directory and the name should be changed. (NewWebchatbeep.mp3 etc.)
  • WEBCHAT - Added / "Joining queue condition" in queue settings

    Options in the combo box;

    -  (WAITCUSTOMERMESSAGE) / Request will not enter queue until
    contact sends a message (WAITCONTACTMESSAGE) - Default

     - Join queue without waiting for a message from contact (JOINIMMEDIATELY)

  • RingGroup - Internals in different internal groups can call each other over the ring group. To prevent this,
    Call group option has been added to the RingGroup definition field. If the ring group is in the callable list, it can be called by extension. If callable is not in the list, it cannot be called. Default is an empty value. 

FixedTo Top
  •  The alert tone given while on hold does not sound while in attended transfer mode
  •  Changing samba password permanently, independent of reboot
  •  Queues> Arrangements for Auto-answer option
  •  Editing for phone numbers  as XXXX on report tab of agents who are not authorized to "See phone number"
  •  Editing for transfer and hold options in calls via CRM
  • Optimization of database connections for load increase



New FeatureTo Top


  • REPORT - Agent group filter - As a new concept, an agent group filter has been added to reports. Now, when the call queue listed in this filter option is filtered without the requirement to create a project, all the call history of all agents defined in the relevant queue can be reported.
  • REPORT - MT activity >> Adding HOLD time to status report excel output
  • Clearing empty folders in audio recording archive directories with a job running in the background
  • Editing Status Panel Agent Name Character Limitation
FixedTo Top


  • REPORT - Call queue report issue on Agent Screen
  • REPORT- Transfer localization problem in Reports on Agent Screen
  • REPORT - Empty agent activity reports 
  • Problem with 1st channel selection in Attended Transfer
  • UNIQUEID mapping problem in CTI pop-up
  • Contact records-> Communication History -> Campaign-> Combo box problem in the result of the campaign
  • Contact records-> Details-> Address-> City auto-fill problem
  • Sorting Error in Numerical Time Break Report in CDR
  • Picture formats in e-mails sent with the requirement
  • Error in test option in Scheduled Tasks
  • Arrangements for localizations
  • Call Queue Reports > error in the number of queued calls in the customer representative basis report
  • Character error in Sestek integration




New FeatureTo Top


  • Twilio Whatsapp/SMS integration
  • Infobip SMS integration
  • System management > Audit Management. Logging of the operations performed by the admin and supervisor authorized persons on the system, and the ability to see and report these logs by certain persons
  • CC Management > Parameters > Speech To Text Rules . Speech to text Integration with Tegsoft and set rules
  • REPORT - Adding call time for Outbound Calls
  • Adding a percentage to Abandon calls on User Activity Screen
  • CONF - Conference Monitoring > Adding kick buttons
  • Hold time extended alarm and beep alert in agent's ear (AGENTHOLD001)
  • Adding a project filter in MT activity report
  • CONFIG - Excel output button for agent assigned to call queues, webchat queues, campaigns
  • REPORT - Adding campaign MT call information report (New 3 tab about campaigns in Agent screen > Reports )
  • CONFIG - Adding webchat option to the project definition
  • REPORT - Adding a response percentage to reports
FixedTo Top


  • Error in transferring to an invalid number in Attended Transfer
  • Buttons Disrupted when Caller is Closed in Attended Transfer
  • WEBCHAT - Calling from a designated representative to another customer representative
  • WEBCHAT - Text routing > "Input Message" problem
  • WEBCHAT - Document sending problem in Whatsapp channels
  • WEBCHAT - Text forwarding > contact groups rule problem
  • WEBCHAT - Sending Media Messages Feature general control
  • AGENT UI - Call queues -> Even though auto-answer is selected, the incoming Answer-Reject button is disabled.
  • AGENT UI - Call queues - auto-answer selected to fix
  • INVALID_STATE_ERROR error when call queues - auto-answer is selected
  • VoiceMail - The voiceMail feature sends mail twice
  • Webphone holds error.
  • Webphone Internet Explorer "Incoming call" message error
  •  Call error in Credit Card Dialing IVR
  • REPORT - Localizations problems
  • Provisioning - Autoconfig Error on Cisco 7970 series
  • Picture error in IVR definitions
  • "Restrict calling connected" regulation in campaign settings
  • WEBCHAT - The end conversation button does not appear
  • WEBCHAT - Whatapp installations Integration parameters> WhatsappParameters are not set automatically. (Infobip> scenario key)


   New Feature


  • Admin Dashboard development. Customer-specific dashboards can be developed with advanced graphic options.
  • Tegsoft Speech To Text Integration and Speech To Text  Rules area. (Parameters >>Speech To Text )
  • Webchat - Menu option for Text routing rules
  • Webchat - allowing only certain file extensions to be transferred (such as pdf and png) in file transfer. For this, Parameters >> cc_chat.allowedfiletypes values must be checked.
  • Webchat - Twilio SMS Integration
  • Webchat - Whatsapp Integration
  • Adding Log valid dtmf/ Log invalid dtmf option for functional IVR
  •  Webchat - Waiting time in the queue has been added to the webchat detail report.
  • HOLD button is inactive during campaign calls playback
   FixedTo Top


  •   The problem of sending e-mails to the department personnel and officials in the "E-Mail Rules Routing Requirements" in the Request Complaint settings has been resolved.
  •   Requests >> Additional Parameter Display problem in detail field
  •   The issue where audio streaming continues even though the call appears to have ended has been fixed.
  •   The error that occurred when filtering more than 50 characters in the User management> filter 
  •   General localization bugs 
  •   CDR >> Voice recordings> error with Transfer recordings in queue status 
  •   Webchat >> The problem of downloading files, mp3, pictures from agent
  •  CDR Report >> Interview transfer consists of 3 lines.
  •  MT Activity >> efficiency value ​​problem has been fixed.
  • Replication errors have been fixed.
  • The issue of receiving calls while not ready.
  •  Webchat >> "Invalid Value error" 
  • Cache problem in activity records 
  • Localization and reporting problem originating from BLINDTRANAFER and ATTENDTRANSFER in CDR report
  • Robotic Sound. It has been found that the codec causes the problem.
  • Webphone "Incoming call" display error in Internet Explorer 
  • call queues - problems with auto-answer 
  • Attended Transfer problems
  • General performance optimizations




TroubleShootingTo Top
  • WebChat Auto-Redirected messages are improved.
  • Agent break/lunch/technical issue status is improved.
  • Listened Records can be listed and reported with excel format.
  • Agent login/log out screens are improved.
  • Call Queues and related features are improved.
  • Agent Activity reports visual improvements.
  • Manual Outbound calls and related features are improved.
  • CDR Report are improved
  • CRM Parameters - Region Responsible features are getting improved.
  • Requirements - Contacts field improved.
  • Conference Management feature is improved
  • User groups and Rights improved.
  • User Rights improved





New FeatureTo Top
  • CTI I-Frame Video integration


TroubleShootingTo Top
  • Status Panel feature improvements.
  • CDR Report feature improvements.
  • Login Screen and agent screen improvements.
  • Predictive Dialer Performance improvements.
  • Contact Records Filter section improvements.





New FeatureTo Top
  • Tegsoft Telescope Waiting customers' value is can be monitoring.
  • CUP3D User registration is completed
  • Caller Profile selecting Combobox is improved


TroubleShootingTo Top
  • Phone settings are improved on agent screen 
  • Agent activity menus and feature are improved
  • Changing status on Status panel settings is improved.
  • Agent activity reports fields are improved.
  • WEBRTC Call Transfer and BUST/HANGUP cause is fixed.
  • Agent break/lunch/technical issue status is improved.





New FeatureTo Top
  • VakıfBank VPOS Integration added


TroubleShootingTo Top
  • Instant display of internals in the Status Panel and performance improvement in the cache function.
  • Performance improvement in the login step.
  • Performance improvements and bug fixes in the function of sending welcome messages in web chat conversations.
  • Performance improvement on the list screen that includes the sender selection during manual SMS sending.
  • Performance improvements and bug fixes regarding queue information and session that occur during replying to Webchat and Whatsapp messages.
  • The feature of performing external calls by making profile selection has been updated as an assigned feature, not as a standard.
  • Bug fixes in the Customer Representative Activity Reminder feature.
  • Special character errors in web chat conversations have been fixed.
  • The feature of sharing the representative's name has been added for the agent-based meetings in webChat conversations.
  • Performance improvement regarding WEBRTC microphone settings.
  • Performance improvements regarding the WEBRTC ring tone.
  • Performance improvements have been made and bug fixes have been added in the features related to the published version.





New FeatureTo Top
  • AgentID Added on the WebChat reports with contact id and other details.


TroubleShootingTo Top
  • Status Panel and abandon values is not matching issue are resolved.
  • Performance improvements have been made and bug fixes have been added in the features related to the published version.





TroubleShootingTo Top
  • Null Key argument improvements are done
  • TMP folder rights are improved.
  • Performance improvements have been made and bug fixes have been added in the features related to the published version.





New FeatureTo Top
  • Integration on Cisco phones and replicated servers.


TroubleShootingTo Top
  • WhatsApp text&image sending and receiving optimization.
  • WebChat missing characters and syntax issues are resolved. (“ ‘ )
  • WebChat missing space and tab command JSON issue is resolved.
  • Agent screen icons are improved and the missing icon issue is resolved.
  • Performance improvements regarding the WEBRTC ring tone.
  • Performance improvements have been made and bug fixes have been added in the features related to the published version.
  • Checkbox and menus are improved.





New FeatureTo Top
  • The answer, Mute, Unmute, Hangup API developments have been completed and have been added to
  • The development of the activity entry requirement has been completed. Accordingly, if Call queues> Activity requirement is selected as "Yes", customer representatives in the relevant queue must enter an activity for each call.
  • Image/file/video can be sent on Facebook and Whatsapp channels.
  • The development has been completed so that a webchat thread can be transferred to another agency.
  • An internal transfer can be provided with a blind transfer button.
  • It is provided to send links over Webchat.
  • A field for selecting webchat queues has also been added to the customer representatives management screen.
  • Session Timeout and Customer Logout Activity must be added for Webchat queues. According to these values, a value in minutes is entered in the Session Timeout. During this time, the sessions of the calls in the queue remain open.
  • The ability to obtain the calls whose audio recording is listened to and not listened to with the listener detail information from the CDR. Accordingly, the newly added CDR> Advanced> "Listed by" and "Voice record status" allows filtering for voice recording listening situations. By entering the user-code with Listed by, the calls listened to by the relevant person are filtered.
  • With Voice record status, the calls listened to, unheard, and listened more than 1 times can be filtered.
  • An improvement has been provided for reporting the Inbound queue information to which the customer representative was assigned at login. Accordingly, Parameters> agent.createSkillAssignmentLog value should be set to "true" first. The default value is false. If this value is true, the agent queue assignment logging is activated. The report of this can be obtained from the MT activity> Agent queue assignments tab.
  • German and Russian announcement options have been added to the system.
  • Webchat data has been added to the MT activity >> customer representative basis report.
  • Webchat queues> Character limit of MT timeout has been increased. (max 10 characters)
  • The development has been completed so that the license increase/decrease transactions made during the day can be activated without service rest. Accordingly, the number of items can be edited directly with the "UPDATE LICENSE" bot on the Update or License page.
  • Yealink and Cisco firmware have been updated.
  • Sound recording archiving performance optimization has been provided.
  • A new phone type is defined in systems with only a text agent license. Accordingly, if the TextAgentInterface phone type is selected, the incorrect view in the Status panel is also prevented.
  • The - option in Webchat Queue selection has been removed.

  • XXXXXX can be changed with the name of Provider and the separate documents can be accessed for each provider.


BugfixTo Top
  • An arrangement has been provided regarding the error received when a text is divided into paragraphs is sent with copy and paste in Webchat.
  • The problem with the customer representative filter in the MT activity report has been fixed.
  • The user problem that occurred when logging into Tegsoft Telescope or Tegsoft portal has been resolved.
  • Arrangement for Webchat Call distribution algorithm is provided. Accordingly, the longest waiting call first falls on the first available customer representative.
  • The error in the number of agents displayed in the status panel and instant information has been fixed.
  • Optimization has been provided for MT call binding time in Webchat.
  • The error in filtering with the CDR> Campaign result code has been resolved.
  • The Turkish character problem in addWebchatMessage service has been fixed.
  • Performance optimization has been provided in data import to the voice campaign.
  • The ACW time problem that occurred in the campaign search has been resolved.
  • The error received in the Webchat detail report has been corrected.
  • If the record was not found in the archive table that was created when the voice recording was downloaded with Webservice, the error was corrected.
  • Editing is provided for the Predictivemaxchannel parameter in the Campaign Management (Sound) field.
  • The problem of adding real IP to the customer representatives with the Add button has been resolved.
  • The transferAgentToIVR service error has been fixed.
  • The error in the Multiple Choice menu in the CRM parameters survey section has been corrected.


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