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Specifications, details, statements, and information in this manual are subject to change without any notice. All the information provided, procedures shared, or statements listed below are for Tegsoft technical experts only. Using this manual without Tegsoft Technical qualification should be avoided. Tegsoft has no obligation over the result of the application on any use. Some statements may not be suitable for the use; avoiding without technical qualification may be crucial. Users must take full responsibility for performing any steps part of this manual. Users who are not aware of technical terms and operations described here; should be aware that this document may not be suitable for their usage.


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PrefaceTo Top

This document explains how to install the Tegsoft The preface for installing Tegsoft from DVD image contains the following sections:

  • Downloading Image
  • Setup Timeline
  • Post Installation Steps


Obtaining DocumentationTo Top

Tegsoft documentation and additional literature are available on Tegsoft Knowledge Base. This section explains the product documentation resources that Tegsoft offers.

Tegsoft Knowledge Base

You can access the most current Tegsoft documentation at this URL:


Configuring FacebookTo Top

Note: You have to be admin of the page you want to integrate.



  • Click "Create App"



  • Select "Manage Business Integration



  • Name your app and click "Create App ID"



  • Click "PRODUCTS" and find Messenger setup



  • Click "Add or remove pages"



  • Click "Generate Token" and copy that token




  • Paste that token into Login URL in CC Management-->Integraiton Parameters


  • Call pop url can be NULL
  • After call url can be NULL
  • Call offer URL is the UNITUID of the Webchat Skill


  •  Click "Add Callback URL" under Webhooks section



Note: TRUNKTYPE parameter is mandatory and TRUNKID parameter are optional.



    • Click "Add or Remove Pages" under Webhooks section and add your Facebook page
    • After that click "Add Subscriptions" and check messaging boxes



    • Click "Permissions and Features"
    • Make a request for pages_messaging


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