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Tegsoft allows you to integrate with Salesforce CRM in just a few steps. Result of definitions made, Tegsoft automatically brings the contact information of the person recognized by the incoming call to Salesforce CRM to user’s screen.

Follow the steps below for definitions.

  • Contact Center Management-> Integration Parameters.
  • Login URL and Call popup URL should be set as follows

Login URL:

Call popup URL:{CONTID}/view?

  • ContactID in Salesforce CRM and the corresponding contact in Tegsoft CRM is matched by the parameter {CONTID}.  CONTID must be the same in both CRMs.
  • This integration must be assigned to agent as Popup URLs to work. Also, follow this steps, Contact Center Management -> Parameters, here cc_popup.mode parameter should be set as both or external.
  • After the call is received, the agent must log in to the Salesforce CRM screen that popup .





The integration will be seen as follows


salesforce knowledge base








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