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true $f 0 0 $T 77 0 TEGSOFT 0 12

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The above example, or a content similar to the above, should be selected and added as content type GrandstreamRawContent under XML Content Management. After adding the xml content, you should select xml from phone settings in profile settings or extension settings according to the usage area of ​​the setting. After changes done, make sure that Grandstream phone gets provisioning, then turn off and on the phone. Similar parameters of some of the parameters shown above are given below.

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$a –> Account name

$c –> Missed call number

$C –> DND active or inactive

$f –> Date

$h –> Time zone of 12

$H –> Time zone of 24

$T –> Hour

$X –> Sip UserId

$Y –> Year


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