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This document explains how to install the Tegsoft The preface for installing Tegsoft from DVD image contains the following sections:

  • Downloading Image
  • Setup Timeline
  • Post Installation Steps


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2020-08-28 Initial release of the document.




Obtaining DocumentationTo Top

Tegsoft documentation and additional literature are available on This section explains the product documentation resources that Tegsoft offers.

You can access the most current Tegsoft documentation at this URL:


PrerequisitesTo Top

  • You must have basic knowledge of networking
  • You must have basic knowledge of SSH connection
  • You must have basic skills of Linux Command Line Interface


Downloading ImageTo Top


First of all, you have to download the Tegsoft CentOS 7 DVD from this link

In this tutorial, we will install the ​Tegsoft
We have little breakpoints in this tutorial and you have to follow the steps as below:

If you are installing to a PHYSICAL server,

  • The server must be 64-bit capable  
  • Special preparation before installation is not necessary.

If you are installing to a VMWARE server

  • If there is a server for the installation to be performed “CentOS Linux 64 bit ” If not, a new server should be created with the “Redhat Linux 64 bit” scheme.
  • After installation, “VM Tools” which is compatible with CENTOS must be installed in Tegsoft product.

If you are installing to a  MICROSOFT HYPER-V server, (Note: This can be used in software development and testing processes.However, It would not recommended for use in production environments by Tegsoft.

Setup TimelineTo Top

  •  Download the Tegsoft
  •  Mount the DVD
  •  Start the Virtual Machine / Physical Machine
  •  Follow the guide and configure the parameters
  •  Start the setup
  •  Start the services
  • Use the Tegsoft
  1. Setup If you mount the image and boot up the machine you will see this

Please hit the​ ENTER ​button. You have to see this screen and commands

Wait for a while (approx 1 minute)

As we can see, we can’t continue the process cause we have to set up the ​timezone and ​network​.

As we can see there is an exclamation mark on the 2 [!] Time Settings section We have to set up a time zone.
Press ​2​ on the keyboard.

When you press the ​2​, you will see this screen.
Press ​1​ on the keyboard. We want to set up the timezone.
Before doing that, please check your timezone and select the correct one. This tutorial created in İstanbul, Turkey. We have to select İstanbul.

Click 1 to select Europe and then select the 19

If you select the correct time zone please hit the ​r​ button on the keyboard. This command refreshes all list and you will see this.
Then hit ​7​. Now we can configure the network settings, hit the ​1​.

Now we can set a hostname. We have some musts for the set a hostname. Please use lowercase capital. Don’t use any symbol or different character. Every hostname must be significant.

Proceed to the setting up the network interfaces. İf you set the hostname correctly. Press hit the ​2​.

Hit the ​1​ to set up an IP address. Type the IP address and hit the enter
Hit the ​2​ to set up a netmask address. Type the address and hit then hit the enter
Hit the ​3​ to set up a gateway. Type the address and hit the enter
Hit the ​7​ to connect automatically after the reboot, and hit the enter
Hit the ​8​ to saving and applying to this settings, and hit the enter
If you set up correctly, It must be like this

Press "c" to continue and you will see this screen

Press 4 to select Software then press "c" and press "q"

As we can see software selection on processing. Please wait for a while. It can take 1 or 2 minutes. Then press "r".

You will see Custom software selected. Then press "b" to begin installation. You will see these screens.

Please hit the Enter button. You will see these two screens. It can take time like 5-10 minutes. Don’t worry. The post-installation process is still working on it.

For now, setup is completed with success. You can log in to the system.

Post Installation StepsTo Top

Please run those commands every line. This will give you listening and listing whole voice records

cd /usr/src/lame-3.99.5
make install
cd /usr/src/sox-14.4.2
make install
echo "sox-m \$1 \$2 \$3" > /usr/bin/soxmix
chmod +x /usr/bin/soxmix
service asterisk restart
Memory Values SettingsTo Top

In order for Tegsoft server services to work efficiently, memory values must be set correctly according to usage conditions. You can access the memory values table here. The values ​​defined in the table should be defined in the “Voice Service Memory” and “Management Screen Memory” fields below.

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