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Automatic Configuration of IP PhonesTo Top


Tegsoft supports these automatic configuration methods below.

  • Configuration with BOOTP
  • Configuration by redirecting from the phone’s web interface to the server
  • Configuration with DHCP Server TFTP

From these configuration methods listed above, only the method supported by the phones manufacturer will work.



It is the easiest method in term of operational. It is sufficient for selecting the phone model from Tegsoft screens and entering the MAC address for the phone. If the BOOTP protocol is allowed, Tegsoft will set up and make available the phone that is physically on the same network during boot.

These settings and protocol works for Yealink brand phones.



For this configuration method, firstly enter to the phone’s interface screen. Then, write the Tegsoft server IP address to the server address field that will get configuration.

Supported phone models;
  • Yealink T2X
  • T3X Cisco 7906-7911
  • T3X Cisco 7941-7961
  • T3X Cisco 7942-7962
  • T3X Cisco 7945-7965
  • Grandstream GXP, GXV.

Steps to be followed,

  1. After entering Tegsoft screen, “Phone Type” and “Phone MAC Address” must be entered for each extension. Example: Yealink-T2X 0015653319B2 (There is no “:” or “-” in MAC Address).
  2. In the “Server Settings” application, “Enable tcp transport” under “Network” tab should be selected.
  3. Tegsoft IP address must be entered as TFTP Server value to DHCP server that distributes IP for network.
  4. Also, option 66 values ​​must also be entered in the Tegsoft server IP address (some servers may only have TFTP).
  5. Login to Tegsoft screen via SSH.
  6. Firmware download process is done (The related phone module is updated from the Tegsoft Update screen).
  7. After phone is rebooted, this extension becomes available.

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